J Alan Erwine’s Tales of Twisted Realities



Science fiction author J Alan Erwine has always had a twisted view of reality, and now he’s chosen to share that twisted view with his readers.

This collections features stories about an astronaut who has suffered brain damage and can no longer distinguish between the realities in his mind and the realities of the world…a man obsessed with the concept of entropy and what it might be doing to our universe…the last man on Earth trying to cope with his dilemma, but is he really the very last man on Earth…a pothead netrunner who can’t decide what’s more important to him, his pot, or his work…a soldier who is slowly going crazy and is sent to a computer therapist, but which one of them is actually crazy…and parents who hear their child begging to die, and are then shocked when the devil shows up to grant the child his wish.

These six stories will have you questioning what reality is, and what we can possibly do with it.



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